About Mapes In-Situ, LLC

Mapes In-Situ, LLC is owned and operated by Taliah and Jason Mapes, P.E. We are a certified Woman Owned Business based out of Loveland, Colorado. Our mission is to provide unmatched geotechnical field data collection, with a heavy emphasis on Pressuremeter Testing. Jason Mapes, P.E., Technical Director/Principal, is a Professional Engineer licensed in the State of Colorado and has been performing Pressuremeter Testing for nearly 15 years. He has performed PMT on projects across the United States as well as internationally. Jason knows the value of quality data and has a true passion for collecting it the right way.

In addition to Pressuremeter Testing, we also perform the following services:

  • Dilatometer (Rock Pressuremeter) testing;
  • Electrical Resistivity Soundings (Wenner or Schlumberger arrays) with a-spacings of up to 500 meters; 
  • 2D and 3D Electrical Resistivity Imaging used for many applications including groundwater prospecting, archeological delineation, mine void and karst topography delineation, depth to bedrock studies, pollution delineation, and sand and gravel studies; 
  • Geotechnical Field Logging: soil and rock core sampling and stratigraphy delineation; and,
  • SPT Hammer Efficiency Measurements.

We also believe that your time is your most valuable resource. As such, we make it our personal mission not to waste it. That’s why when Mapes In-Situ arrives at a project site, you can expect the following:

  • Fully functional and calibrated equipment; 
  • Spare probe bodies, membranes, o-rings, fittings, and an extra of just about everything else; 
  • A professional operator who understands the value of your time and the data you need; and, 
  • An operator who understands the hazards of working around drill rigs. Pressuremeter operations are not an everyday activity for most exploration crews. Accordingly, great communication is key to achieving our goal:  quality data, collected safely and efficiently. 

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