About Dilatometer Testing

Just as the pressuremeter collects stress-strain data points in soils and soft rocks, dilatometer (rock pressuremeter) testing collects the same data in a pre-cored borehole in hard rock formations. With three times the pressure capacity of the pressuremeter, in-situ yield pressures can be reached in rock formations, providing crucial design data otherwise unattainable in the field.  


  • Tunnel lining and concrete dam foundation design


  • Bearing capacity and settlement of deep foundations situated in rock


  • Lateral deformation analysis (L-Pile, MFAD)

Advantages of Dilatometer Testing


  • Provides unbiased, in-situ data that represents material strength properties in lieu of laboratory testing of rock core samples. 


  • Eliminates testing errors caused by sampling methods or sample integrity


  • Often permits the use of higher design values than could have been considered from conventional data only.