Frequently Asked Questions


Do you provide drilling services?

No.  We perform pressuremeter testing and geotechnical field logging in conjunction with drilling operations, but do not provide drilling services.  

Can any drilling company prepare a test zone for pressuremeter testing?

Probably not.  Pressuremeter testing is a specialized in-situ test that requires a very well prepared test zone, usually by way of mud rotary drilling operations.  Don't waste your time trying to collect pressuremeter data in poorly prepared boreholes.  Contact us for drilling subcontractor recommendations.  

Can Mapes In-Situ perform field logging and pressuremeter testing simultaneously?

Absolutely.  Mapes In-Situ is happy to collect samples and log boreholes during or standalone from pressuremeter testing operations.  Contact us for details and pricing.  

Where will you travel?

Anywhere.  We understand the need to complete projects in a timely manner, and as such, are willing to travel anywhere in the world if it makes sense for both parties to do so.  We routinely travel across the western United States and have experience in performing work internationally.    

Can you provide lunch and learn presentations?

Absolutely.  We routinely provide presentations to firms about the benefits of the data we collect and provide.  Contact us to set something up.  

Do you provide opinions or analysis with the data you collect?

No.  We strictly collect and provide data.  What you do with the data is up to you.  Our mission is "Quality data, collected safely and efficiently."